What is the quickest way to establish Shariah?
Start by praying Fajr in the Masjid!


We hear Nouman Ali Khan in a Questions & Answers session. One of the questions:

“What is the quickest way
to establish Shariah?”
Well, start praying Fajr
at the Masjid!

Start calling your mother every day. Stop sending her to voicemail! Stop yelling at your father! Establish Shariah in the family, friend, before you talk about establishing Shariah in the government! In your own house – how many violations of the Deen! From you! Not from others, from YOU! You are supposed to be the source of guidance and love to your own family!

A young man came to me in Chicago with the same thing: “Ya Aghi, that was a great talk. Mash’Allah. You are trying to give people Iman. But what about establishing Islam?” And I listened to him for twenty minutes firing away. I have been in those groups when I was learning about Islam. I know your arguments before you tell me. I am older than you, I know. I’ve done this fifteen years ago already. I know each one of those arguments inside out. And this guy was telling me his arguments. Twenty minutes go by. I say: “Bro, stop. Stop, stop, stop. You were going to make the following point, point number three. Then you were going to make point number four and point number five. I listened to it before.” I said: “You took too long. It should have taken you fifteen minutes to make five points and these were the five points you were going to make. But you are still on point number two. You are taking too long, I have to eat dinner.”

He was a little shocked: “Maybe…”

And I said: “Listen, you’ve been attending a particular kind of Khalaqah, discussion, where you learned these terms. It has only been maybe what? One month? Two months? Because you are not very good at it yet.”

And he said: “Maybe…”

“Also you like to get together in restaurants that are open late at night so you smoke some hukka and discuss the establishment of Islam. Until two or three in the morning. With your friend. And you usually don’t call your parents much and you usually miss Salat ul Fajr.”


I was like: “Go, start praying Fajr, call your parents. We’ll talk in a couple of months.” Don’t argue with me and with anyone else about these ideas which you haven’t even deeply understood yet.

There’s a profound history of Islam.
 Islam comes to a man
and it rises from the people.
And not through a language of hate.

It never rises through a language of hate! Every messenger, every messenger: “Wa ma assarnaaka illa rahmatan…” … lil Ummah? “… lil Aalameen!“ – “I sent you as a loving mercy for ALL people! For the Europeans, for the Americans, for the Africans, for the Asians! For the Hindus, for the Buddhists, for the atheists, for the agnosts! I sent you as a mercy for all of them!”

If we are the ambassadors
of Rasulullah (sas),
where is OUR rahma?!
Where is OUR loving mercy to them?

They can use hateful speech towards us,
but we will respond with loving mercy
because we are followers of Muhammad,
Rasulullah, salallahu aleihi wasallam.


I am sorry that I am sounding angry, but it’s time we woke up. Sometimes young guys need to be woken up a little bit, shaken up a little bit. I don’t want to turn this into an argument. Please think carefully about what I am saying. We have gone through this in the United States. When I come to Europe – I was telling some brothers – when I come to Europe and I hear some of these arguments, I feel like “Aha! You guys are going through what we went through fifteen years ago.” And we have already discussed these things and resolved these issues and we moved on. We moved on. And I feel like we owe you that explanation now.


Somebody even asked the question:
“Is it OK to live in a Kufr society
or should we go back
to the Muslim countries
because we have to raise
our children according to Islam?”

Please tell me where… where are you going to raise your children according to the teachings of Islam? You’re gonna take them to Pakistan? Where are you gonna go? Half the Muslim world is on fire. The other half that is not on fire is celebrating Hellfire! (laughter) Honestly! I mean, honestly! There are clubs opening now all over the Muslim world! There are underground drugs that are circulating all over the Muslim world! I went to HAJJ and I was depressed! I went to HAJJ and I was depressed… You go to the Harram, you see the Ka’ba, you cry. But you go four miles outside the Harram, what do you see? You are standing there looking at Jabal ul Noor, you are looking at the mountain where the Angel came to Rasulullah (sas) but you’re standing in a pile of trash! You are hearing the Adhan go off, and the Muslims hear the Adhan and say “Mash’Allah, at least we have that!” We were walking into the Masjid, and there are children that are disabled that are selling calendars. Where is… Is thàt Islam?! My heart was bleeding and I was tempted to give a talk about “We have to establish Shari’ah”.

The first principle of Shari’ah
is justice and concern for people.

And the first thing that came in the Shariah was concern for non- Muslims, did you know that? The first thing that came of Shariah was “Why was the baby girl being burried?” The first thing that came of practical thoughts on business is “Why are people cheating other people in business?” And those were not Muslims cheating Muslims in business. Those were NON-Muslims cheating non-Muslims in business. Those were NON-Muslim families burying their daughters alive. These were problems of injustices done by non-Muslims against non-Muslims, and those are the first things the Quran dealt with. Because Quran came as a message of justice for humanity, not just for one group of people. Why would the Quran talk about people that it doesn’t even care about? It just wants to control them and kick them out and make them secondary citizens? We don’t even study the entire Quran.

Wallahi, my brother!
You can disagree with me, you can hate me after this talk. It’s OK. I still love you. You’re still my little… You’re my angry little brother. Study the entire Quran. Even if a little bit of brief tafsir. Don’t quote to me the three Ayaat you memorized to make your point. Don’t do that. Don’t use the Qur’an to make a daleel for YOUR arguments. The Qur’an is huda from beginning to end. Understand it holistically, understand it in its entirety so that you develop a way of thinking. The Qur’an is a way of thinking, it’s not just a set of daleels. It is very easy to pick one Ayah from there, one Ayah from there and one Ayah from there and make your philosophy.

Our philosophy is the entire Book.
“alladheena ja’alloolqur’ana idheena”
(The Noble Quran 15:91)
“They took the Qur’an and they tore it to pieces”.

They only like … one Ayah from Surat ul Baqarah, one Ayah from Surat Assarf, one Ayah from (laughter) You know! I know! I know… I know the curriculum. And I know where it came from. Got to know history too. So please, please, please! We here… I told you the renaissance of this Ummah will come from where? A deep thinking about what? The Qur’an!

We are studying the Qur’an in a shallow way.
If we start studying it in a profound way then,
insh’Allahu ta’ala, our thoughts will rise
above this rhetoric and we will see things in a
much deeper way than we used to think of them.