Bismillah arRahmaan arRaheem.

Standing in the middle of
a random group of unknown people
Families going for holidays,
friends saying goodbye…

Did you know any ONE of them
to be your enemy?!
Did any one of the people there
hurt you or even hurt Syria or Irak?

Then why kill them?
Why slaughter thim in such a horrible way???
They belong to a nation that you hate. So what?
When the Sahaba attacked a woman for that reason,
they were told off by the Prophet himself,
peace and blessing upon him.
He told them that fight and batttle is
between fighters on the battle field.
Don’t harm their unarmed,
disengaged relatives or fellow tribesmen.

Among  your victims you will
most surely find Muslims.

You killed, maimed and hurt
a brother or sister.
You killed, maimed and hurt
innocent children!
You killed, maimed and hurt
people who did not deserve it!

You have killed the last sprout
of respect for Islam in some hearts.

You may even have turned someone
away from accepting Islam!

You want to be a Muslim?
Fight injustice
the way a MUSLIM does.

Don’t become an assassin
like you say your enemy is.
Don’t lower yourself to their level.
Hundreds of years ago
Muslims conquered the world
not by murder and terror
but with extreme kindness and honesty.

You want to fight the Muslim way?
Fight your ego
and work for a better world.
It will take time but it works.
Murder doesn’t.