People are tolerant.
They get hurt. Badly.
They see monstruous crimes
from people they try to understand.

Crimes and cruelty can NOT be tolerated.
Not by any decent human.
So the tolerant become intolerant.
Don’t blame them, IS, blame yourself
for driving the French to vote this way!

One has to wonder:
Did you sponsor them or vice versa?

Your biggest victims
are Islam en Muslims

Fighting for no islamically sanctioned reason
with means that are islamically forbidden
you have broken the stretch of French tolerance,
of the tolerance of milions of people.

People who might have been considering
to turn to Islam are now lost.
The Sahaba were kufaar until they turned to Islam.
Had the Prophet killed them for their kufr
their would not have been Islam
… and you would have been a kafir yourself…