Allahu Akbar!

In the near future people who will hear this phrase will fear that their end is near… This beautiful phrase is being molested and abused by murdering monsters announcing their horror….

It’s up to us, Muslims,
to show our neighbours
that actually this phrase
is a wonder of beauty.

Allahu Akbar!
Allah is greater than that!

Even these crimes in His Name don’t harm Him.
Even the crimes in the name of Islam, don’t hurt Islam.
Not Islam, but people’s perception of Islam…

Allahu Akbar!
Think of the Prophet’s (peace and blessings upon him) granddad in the year of the Elephant when an army was coming to destroy Makkah and the citizens had fled. Except for him. He went up to their leader and told them: “Give me back my camels” as they had been stolen by the enemy. The king was shocked: “I am here to destroy the house of your gods and you think of your camels?” The man responded that Allah would take care of His house Himself – and He did.

Allah is greater than anything anyone can undertake to harm Him, to undermine Islam or to damage the Muslims’ reputation. Allah is greater than those murdering sick minds crying “Allahu Akbar!”

Let us, Muslims,
keep our calm
and try to live Islam
the way we should.
This will be a
to their madness.
If we keep quiet,
if we shy away,
all that will be heard
is the voice of
criminals abusing
this wonderful phrase.


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