In this lecture brother Nouman takes us through the events surrounding the treaty of Hudaybiyya and how in the end that is the first step towards the peaceful ( Yes, peaceful!) conquest of Mecca.

The events around Hudaybiyya are very emotional: fear, courage, anger,… When the Muslims in the end peacefully return to Medinah, that is a victory over their emotions, as they prefer to obey Allah and His Messenger under any circumstance. And as a consequence, within a year they entered Makkah without shedding one drop of blood!

When we give priority

to our Islam,
to our submission to

Allah’s Will and Command
even against our own

judgement, fear or anger.

“Inna fathanalaka  fatham mubeena”
No doubt about it, We have granted to you
an obvious unconditionnal open clear victory”

This was revealed when the treaty of Hudaybiyyah was signed, an agreement full of conditions that disfavoured the muslims. And that  is the ultimate victory according to Allah? Yes. “Laka: for you, singular” Meaning it is a victory, the most important victory in human history, for Rasoolullah (pbuh): at that time the muslims controlled their anger and frustration and submitted themselves to Allah and His Messenger. Out of their loyalty to their Prophet they controlled their emotions and that will lead up to the ulltimate victory too, as within a year Allah granted them to return, peacefully, to Makkah without any figth, without spilling a drop of blood, entering the city as conquerors.

If we don’t understand
what Allah considers to be a victory,
then we should go back to His Book

The victory of driving out the kuffaar
and conquering a land
is secondary to Allah

Allah calls the conquest of hearts
the primary goal, as the better victory. 

If you only have little time, start at minute 29
If you are really in a rush, at least listen from 38:30