We’re having a bit of an indian summerr and I felt I could do with some exercise.
A stiff walk in our region is always good for me, so I set off.

I just love to hear the ducks and others animals on the riverside, and then laugh as they scatter when they notice the human watching them. No matter how carefull I am, no matter how I try to tell them they are safe with me, it won’t help… Well, that’s nature of course.

I especially love to watch
the way a buzzard can hang in the sky
totally still for minutes on end,
looking for his prey and waiting for his chance.

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I hate to think of what happens to its prey,
but that again is nature…

What a mignificent animal! And it looks so easy to just hang there, almost motionless, although it requires a perfect knowledge of thermals, of the way air layers move, of where the wind comes from and at which speed… All of that without going to college… Didn’t Allah tell us that not one bird can hang in the sky without Him holding it there in its place? I am  always speechles when I see that. So I watch, I enjoy and I am grateful for this wonderful sight, alhamdolillah…

And then, just like that,
from the ground
a bird flies straight up
going right at the buzzard!

This bird is much smaller and slim. Definitely not a another buzzard, but from where I stand I have no clue as to what it is. I am stunned at what happens next. I guess the bird was a possible prey for the buzzard – or his young were – and what does he do? He goes for him! That small bird stands (well, flies) up against that big bad bird of prey! And the buzzard slightly moves aside. The bird returns. The buzzard turns away a bit. And again, there is the small bird flying straight towards the danger. And again. And again. And again! Little by little it succeeds in forcing the buzzard to take another direction, away of whatever he is trying to protect down there. And then he goes home and the buzzard flies away…

Almighty God! Tears wet my cheekds…
The prey turned against its attacker
and it won the battlle!

At that time I had been worrying wether or not this blog was a good idea… What if “they” recognize me and try to harm me in some way? So Allah took me outside and showed me this scene: don’t sit on the ground, watching, complaining, fearing… Fly up and bother them. Push them in the right direction. Insh’Allah. Do you have the courage to spread your wings, to try and offer counterbalance against the influence of extremist erring muslims spreading violence and terror? Then “Like” and “Share” away!!!