Assalamu alykum!

I hope you feel as shocked as most of the people around us when you hear and see what is going on in Syria and Iraq “In the Name of Allah”.  We have no way to contact “IS(IS)” directly ourselves, but that doesn’t take away our duty to make it very clear to the world that we distance ourselves of this group of terrorists. (*) We should do so with clear and sound arguments. And then we hope and pray that maybe anyhow our message will reach them too… and that it will touch them.

Be honest, how fair would it be for us to cry and rage when we hear about injustice done to muslims all over the world – and yes that outcry is justified – when we don’t scream just as loudly, and even louder, when an organization like this one is harming Islam much more and much worse than any Islam hater could ever manage to do?

No words, but actions!

Our outrage should be heard. Definitely. But it is even more important that we don’t expect people to believe us just because we say it. We have to show them how different Islam is from what they see on a daily basis in the media. We have to SHOW them that our religion and our Quran inspire muslims to be great people, caring neighbours, honest partners… I’ll be posting testimonies in that sense here, like this gem that sister Marianna provided with Dutch subtitles:  (**)

helpende hand

In this tape a young man is inspired
by the Quran and by the example
of our Prophet (pbuh)
to be kind and helpful.

Why don’t we go and (re)discover our Book
and shape our lives according to it!

Exactly that lack of knowledge of their Deen (Islamic way of life) is the reason why so many youngsters become bitter. This makes them volnerable to the abusive way in which power sick people hurl Quran verses at them that they totally stripped of their context. So we turn to the people who understand the Quran because they understand its language through and through. No translations of translations, but the Arabic Quran text, in detail, with all of its nuances…

I found a great source of knowledge
in and
Or you find lots of insights in the
short reminders on

In time I’ll publish links on these pages to articles or clips that relate to (lack of) violence on one hand and the inherent kindness of a true muslim, a person who “does SLM”, the three letters in Arabic that spell Islam and which means that this person has surrendered himself entirely and sincerely (hence from his own free will!) to his Creator, that he has made his own will subservient to the demands of his Creator, finding peace and calm in it and propagating that peace.

If we can do that,

this flag will not raise fear anymore.

It will instill peace of mind,

it will inspire people and attract them

to the dignity they find in Islam.

 Let us pray to Allah

… that He guides those naive people
who may have had good intentions
but have been mislead.

… for the criminals who
cause so much pain, that they
turn back to Allah and repent.

… for us, for each other,
that our behaviour may be
a counterweight for all this

and that we present Islam
to our peers in a way
that it has always been intended
by Allah and His Prophets (pbuh).

(*) Did you know that the goal of “Jihad” is to fight injustice, in the Name of Allah?
To fight those who install terror in the hearts and lives of people?